Design and content

Number of pages

 Logo design

  • I need a new logo design as part of the project
  • I will provide a logo for the website

 Programming & Development

  • html (css3,jquery)
  • PHP Development(html,css3,jquery,ajax,MYSQL)
  • Content Management System
  • .NET Applications (html,css3,jquery,ajax,MSQL)
  • Java (html,css3,jquery,ajax,MYSQL)
  • Android

 Website content

  • I'd like you to write all the content, source the images and add all the content to my web site
  • I'd like you to add all the content, making it look really professional using the text and images I provide

  Choose your features

  • Blog or latest news section, where I can post regular articles
  • Online shop where I can sell products or services
  • Newsletter/mailing list signup
  • Portfolio, image or video gallery Online shop where I can sell products or services

Web hosting

  • I'll arrange my own hosting
  • Super-fast hosting on our specialist web host

Search engine optimization ( SEO )

  • Basic (I'll arrange to index two key word for your website)
  • Premium (I'll arrange to index five key word for your website)
  • we down want website index key word

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Our Clients


Our relationship with our client doesn't end at the point of finishing the project but let's on and on. We create an everlasting bond with our clients offering them our services forever in time. Our established base camp with our clients stays long providing them with maintenance and helping them with maintenance.

We have the privilege of working with some of companies